About Scott

Scott McNultyScott McNulty, the man, the myth, the legend. Ok, so he’s just a Mac geek with an English degree and a little too much knowledge about blogging. He likes long walks on the beach, reading, and above all else blogging.

Scott lives, plays, and works in Philadelphia. He likes getting email (smcnulty AT gmail DOT com).

More Scott

Scott doesn’t limit his creative endeavors to his own network of blogs. No, that just wouldn’t be right. The world demands more Scott, and who is he to refuse the world. Check out his work here:

  • Blankbaby: The blog that started it all.
  • Twitter: Over 4000 people seem to want to know what I’m up to, in 140 characters (mostly I am either blogging, eating, or sleeping.) I do Mastodon now too.
  • The Incomparable: I often join in with Jason Snell’s merry band of geeks to chat about geeky things like Dr. Who, books, and D&D.
  • Random Trek: I talk to a guest about a random episode of Star Trek. The podcast has a blog, tumblr, and twitter account. So social!
  • Total Party Kill: A podcast in which D&D is played over the internet. I DM’ed the first season, and I’ll be back again soon!
  • Flickr: That link will take you to my Flickrstream. I take way too many pictures, but at least I post them for all to enjoy. I’m cool like that.
  • Books: I write tech books. I read lots of books.
  • Writing: Some links to a variety of writing I’ve done on the interwebs.

Past glories

Time moves fast on the internet, and I’ve been creating stuff on the web for the better part of a decade. Projects can’t last forever, so here are some of the things that I did in the past (some I might get back to some of them in the future.):

  • Attempted Novelist: I tried to write a novel in 30 days. I failed, the blog lives on.
  • Blankbaby Media: When words just aren’t enough. Home of Blankbaby TV and Blankbaby Radio.
  • The Daily Scott: It turns out no one wanted to see a picture of me everyday, and I didn’t want to take one.
  • Philly Future: I was the Events Czar at PF. All I did was organize Philadelphia’s monthly blogger meetup. Sadly, when I found myself not having time to attend the meetups myself, I decided to step down.
  • Scott Gets Fit: This blog helped me shed 100 pounds of fat, but the fitness journey isn’t over. This blog was absorbed into my main blog and still lives on here.
  • Stalking the Bard: This blog is due for a revival. I stopped updating it mostly because I created the site using Drupal (not a good idea).
  • The Unofficial Apple Weblog: I was the Lead Blogger of this Apple focused site for a good long time (I was part of the TUAW team for 3.5 years, and in charge for about 2 years). During my tenure traffic more than quintupled and TUAW went from a little known Apple site to the most linked to Apple blog on the internet.