The Amazon Fire Phone: Master your Amazon smartphone including Firefly, Mayday, Prime, and all the top apps

firephoneThe Amazon Fire Phone hasn’t set the world on fire (get it?) but this is probably the best book about it. I think the phone itself is well made and the software has a whole bunch of neat features. This book walks you through setting up the Fire and shows you how to use all the neat features, and buy stuff from Amazon on the phone.

Kindle Fire: Visual QuickStart Guide

kindlefirevqsWriting this book wasn’t as crazy as the one before it, but it was close. Tech books generally have a quick turn around time, and this one was no different. I wrote the general outline before I even had one of the new Kindle Fires on hand, and then quickly made relevant changes.

This book covers the Kindle Fire HD (not the HDX).

The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide

firepocketguideThe first generation Kindle Fire wasn’t the fastest tablet around, but it was a darned good first effort. This book covers all the ins and outs of using Amazon’s first gen Kindle Fire.

Meet the Kindle Fire

meetfireThis is basically the first section of the book above, but it was released a few weeks ahead of the full book.

The Google+ Guide: Circles, Photos, and Hangouts

googleplusGoogle+ sure has changed a lot since I wrote this book. Heck, it was changing a lot as I wrote this book, which was a challenge. Sadly, Google+ didn’t really catch on right out of the gate (and is still struggling to catch on, I think, despite Google really pushing it), so this book didn’t sell as well as we had hoped.

It is still a great primer on the service, I think, though it is now more of a historical record of Google+’s humble beginnings.

The Mac OS X Lion Project Book

loinprojectWhen I started my tech book career I really wanted to write about the Mac. It took a few books before my publisher was on board with the idea, but man I really enjoyed writing this one. In fact, I wrote about 60% more then we could put in the book so we released a bunch of digital singles.

This book doesn’t teach you how to use Loin, it shows you some examples of what you can do with a Mac running Lion.

Yes, this book is out of date but if you want to buy it, it is still available at these fine retailers:

Building a TypePad Blog People Want to Read

TypepadAs you probably gathered from the title, Building a TypePad Blog People Want to Read is all about TypePad (which I totally heart). I’d learned a bunch of stuff about writing from my first two books (and the reviews on my WordPress book) and I applied those lessons to make this book much better.

You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Typepad, and more! Subjects include:

  • Pointing your own URL to your blog
  • Using Typelists to conquer the world (well, show stuff on your blog)
  • Customizing your blog’s design
  • All your blog’s settings, explained!

Buy it at these fine online stores:

The Kindle Pocket Guide

KindleI love my Kindle (well, Kindles) so when I was offered the opportunity to write a book about it, I jumped! Some might ask, “Isn’t the Kindle pretty easy to use?” To them I say, “Yes!” However, there are some tricks that aren’t apparent when you first pick up your Kindle that I share with you. Also, I teach you how to take all the stuff you already have and get it on your Kindle, for free!

Oddly, The Kindle Pocket Guide is only available as an eBook (something of an experiment) but you can get it from multiple sources:

Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read

WordPress2eThis is a WordPress primer. If you’re a WordPress developer, this book isn’t for you. I cover everything from installing WordPress ( isn’t covered) to installing Plugins to writing your first post.

And yes, I did get some flack from people since Blankbaby runs on TypePad and not WordPress. It seems folks think that you have to pick one blogging engine and spend all your time with it. I’m a blogging polyglot, and I’m not ashamed!

The second edition covers all the goodness one can find in WordPress 3

You can buy Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read from these fine Web sites: